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A memorial donation to your public library is a wonderful way to remember a deceased friend or loved one. Acknowledgment of this contribution will be made by mail to anyone you designate. Your financial donation is tax-deductible and an investment toward all the lending items and programs we provide for the benefit of all community members.

We carefully purchase resources with your donation that have a lasting impact and benefit including books, DVDs, audiobooks, educational games and toys, makerspace tools, new technologies, programs by guest presenters, and other creative learning materials for youth and adults.  Donations are applied to our planned purchases that are designed to acquire materials that meet the needs of our patrons and our wish list of unfunded programs.  If donors indicate the type of item or topic of interest they prefer, we will match their donation to a needed item in our purchase plan or a wishlist item.   

To make a financial donation simply click here for a form.  Return the completed form with your donation to the Library in person or by mail.

Donors wishing to purchase a book or item to give to the Library should contact Michelle prior to making their purchase.  As a small library, we do not keep multiple copies of the same book and also limit the number of books on any topic based on the demand of our patrons.  We can help you choose an item that will be enjoyed and valued by our community.